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Go straight to the New Site

Friday, 19 November 2010

Mozo Island is a fun place where children can watch the fruit characters rocking, and then jam with the band in the beach club using the first notes and chords they have learned to play on their guitar.
Children can go to the music school on the website and follow through the activities and worksheets by playing and singing-a-long at home with a parent or learning buddy.

Mozo Island is an online educational environment, which enables children to learn about music and music theory through a website. The beginners’ guitar course is designed with activities for small children who want to play the guitar. In the future the music school will incorporate tuition and workbooks for other instruments including the piano.

Mozo Island uses lots of songs that children may already know and it introduces them to new styles of music. The teaching materials have been performed and recorded with children in current popular genres to sound attractive to young kids.