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Mini MOZOs

Drop-in to Mini Mozos Music Club for ages 3 months to 3 years in Teddington and go on a musical adventure!

These fabulous classes are held on Wednesday mornings during term time. There are two class times. The first sessions for 1.5 to 3 years runs from 9.30am to 10.15am and the second session for 3 months to 1.5 years runs from 10.30am to 11.15am.
At Mini Mozos, you and your child can escape the dreary winter days and journey to a tropical island with Jim, meeting tuneful animals and creatures along the way. You can sing your favourite songs with a sunny twist then learn some great new music with actions and instruments.

Jam along with Jim while he switches between guitar, ukulele, trumpet, recorder, drumming and percussion in a fun, relaxed environment where everyone can join in and move. There are plenty of instruments for little ones to rattle, shake and bash and each session will feature a variety of music that you and your child will enjoy - not endure! With the Mozo Island story and characters as a backdrop, these classes are both uplifting and unforgettable.

To book your FREE taster - email:

Carefully conceived by Jim Tucker-Salfield, a former rock artist and professional musician, who is a
passionate music educator (with over 15 years experience in primary, secondary and pre-school 
tuition),  and who also works with dyslexic and dyspraxic children, the content of the classes was 
developed with childcare professionals and trialled with the NCT. Consequently, the classes do 
genuinely stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination, while developing a child's social skills 
(through communicating and responding activities) and motor skills (through coordination games).

The pre-school curricula introduce the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and genre both through 
conscious and unconscious activities. Exposure to these experiences in a structured environment, is 
proven to have multiple benefits for pre-school babies and toddlers. It also helps to prepare the 
children for the more formal music lessons that may follow.

Classes are drop-in and are held at the Salvation Army Hall, 27 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 

8PF. They cost £6 per session. The new term starts on Wednesday 7 January 2015, when you can 

enjoy a FREE TASTER session.

For more information,contact James Tucker on 07899 811703, email or 


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