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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nice to see you, thanks for coming!

A Giant thanks! . .
. . to everyone who attended the music summer camps in Putney and Richmond!
Loads of children came to the Ritz Music event and the Hurlingham School event in July, and made it a fantastic week for all.
We had a great time playing along to some pop songs like ‘Pack up you troubles….’ and ‘I Gotta Feeling…’
There was also some fantastic art work and ideas from the children including the music parade picture, 3D talking masks and some lovely designs for the new shop that is going on the website soon.

After-School: Richmond
We are looking forward to throwing open the doors to children for the Monday after school club, beginning on 9th September, and running for 11 weeks up till Christmas With a 2 week Half-term. This will be hosted at Ritz Music Shop, 88 Sheen Road, Richmond. Starting at 3.30 for 50 mins.
The price is £99.00 for the eleven sessions, and must be paid in full at the beginning of term. There will be a performance on the last session before Christmas to give the children a chance to show what they can do!!
After-School: Putney
We are also running a full up after school club at the Hurlingham on a Tuesday – Great to see it still going strong, but sorry folks no room left!
Half-term Music Camp: Richmond
Also we have been taking bookings for the October half-term music camp running at Ritz Music on Sheen Road, so BOOK NOW before we run out of space.
BOOK NOW to ensure your place for the AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB and the October HALF-TERM MUSIC CAMP, both are hosted at Ritz Music. Richmond.
The clubs are based on the Mozo Island story that can be seen at the website:

See the latest news update:

In a Mozo Island session, children jam with the band in the beach club on a range of instruments including electric guitars, keyboards and drums. Children aged 5 – 9 can come and try-out new musical instruments in a fun relaxed atmosphere, in between making puppets, solving puzzles and mini-comics. They can make their own Pop Bands, and then perform to parents.

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