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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Getting good..

Captain's log: April 11th - Day Five
Nearing the end of a great expedition to the tropical Mozo Island. We had hot sunshine on some days then hot rain on others. Some of these kids have kept hiking the whole week! Now they will be able to take those skills and continue their own musical journey.
We will always look back fondly at these times, sitting round the camp fire grooving to 'I gotta Feeling.... Whooo Hoooo'.
See you again soon my musical traveling friends!

There will always be a space in the boat for you!
.... Big day tomorrow... April 12th ... Learn to play day!
Ritz music and tuition centre will open it's door all day long to families from west London, Putney, Richmond, Twickenham...
Come along for FREE and try loads of instruments.
Choose between:
Group sessions, individual lessons or instrument workshops.
Mozo Island camp will be there bring your sunglasses!

Jim signing off.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Uncontrollable laughter...

Captain's log: 10th April - Day Four

Designed some musical Tropical Island tshirts, which somehow kept the new visitors amused for a while.
At first light we gathered our belongings and headed for a nearby camp in a new location, the island natives weren't hostile, and we were received with a ukulele jam in A minor, and fresh guitar picks. Phew, that was good timing some of us had just worn through our other ones!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Message to you..

Captain's log: 9th April - Day Three
Rudi, a message to you.
Played some classic ska from 1980s! They loved that!
Spent some time drawing pictures of the boats we arrived on. Some focused on practical things like water and potatoes, others drew guitars and keyboards! One child wanted an Xbox on the boat, but it wasn't possible until they invented solar panels!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

More escaped children at large...

Captain's log: 8th April 2014 - Day2
The boat on the horizon arrived with a total of eleven children eager to escape the city life and enjoy some 'Bossa Nova' and 'Reggae'.
Our supplies are diminishing, we will have to send out for guitar picks and egg shakers...
Jim signing off.

Monday, 7 April 2014

We escaped...we arrived!

Captains log: April 7th. 2013 - Day One
A group of 9 or 10 children and a couple of musicians landed on shore early this morning. We were greeted by calypso music and a cloudy sky, but the cloud soon cleared to reveal a great day of instrument exploration... We can see another small vessel on the horizon heading this way. I hope they packed supplies!
Jim signing off.